Hello, and welcome to another fabulous post from yours truely and I’m not talking about that amazing malt beverage.

So this past Saturday I went to an event at the local LGBT bar in Charlotte called Argon, They were having an event called FūRNACE, And if you know me I don’t go to many events but now that I am no longer attending anything at Bar 316/1820 I am seeing the other options and opportunities at other places and it has been quite a refreshing experience.

In a way I miss Bar 316 but in other ways I’m glad to no longer be part of the drama, Especially coming from someone who would go their religiously and not walk foot into any other establishment. But with this fantastic event at Argon I realized somethings. First and foremost, we desperately need more events like this one. It was a mix of all the gay tribes: Bears, Twinks, Jocks, Mussel, Guy Next Door, Otters, everyone! It was like we were a community again for one night. It was free of drama and had some awesome music. Charlotte needs this kind of bar and events to keep things interesting. So Kudos to the bar and event planner!

With these kind of events it brings opportunity to meet new people, network, and dance the night away. I feel like this should be a once a week thing. But a theme every week. I mean lets be honest, who does not love a good 80s theme night?

Going to new bars like Argon and the Woodshed already and Chasers and Scorpios are still not on my list, I am honestly meeting so many new people and experiencing so many new things. It’s amazing how one bad experience and being over the bar drama will open up new connections. I honestly regret not going to Cathode more when it was open. I am just over the entire bar wars and crazy shit that is happening with different places. I would rather spend my money else where.

This makes me extremely excited about pride this year, its normally the same old take over at a SPG/Marriott property, then to Bar 316 then either drunk at home or at a house after party. But this year it is a new bar, new people and a change of mind and plans for pride.

I challenge all my LGBT friends this year at pride to do something different, change your bar up, do something you have always wanted to do and lets let 2018 pride be one we wont forget!

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