Hello Beautiful People. And welcome to another wonderful post from yours truly. Oh my gosh guys, So many new things are happening. From no longer smoking to getting back in touch with my intuition by exploring the use of crystals, and no I don’t mean crystal meth. I’m talking about the solid mineral that come from earth, not grown in a bath tub or a kiddie pool in the back office of a store at the outlet mall.

So what everyone is going to be so happy about is I quit smoking one week ago today. Lord this second time quitting has not been easy, for one Chantix is the devil. First off the dreams I have are just so insane and quite scary, secondly why is it that I can take the little blue pill (Chantix is a little blue pill, its not the one your thinking of, I don’t require Viarga yet.) but why is it that I take this devil of a pill and feel like i’m dying 5 minutes later? This is a terrible side effect and I would rather smoke then have that feeling. Enough about that, Thanks for the support.

Moving on, Now the Crystals, oh the crystals! It will probability the closest thing I will ever get to a diamond in my life but I’m quite okay with that, crystals have value too. There is something about the vibrations you feel when you hold a type of crystal that can really help your mood, energy, clear your mind, optimize your health, remove creativity block, bring abundance and prosperity, relieve stress and anxiety, cultivate love and protect against bad energy. Its all truly amazing. I have really been into it the last 2 weeks. And I can tell my life is changing slowly but surely. I feel more relaxed, I can breath better, I can tell a difference in my mood, I can tell my mind is clear and I can focus on one thing more in detail. And I can tell my energy is elevated to a much higher place then it was before.

So it was official, my virginity has been renewed, after a two and a half months without sex. Honestly I have no idea what was happening with me or why it was just not happening. Its so funny though because the entire time I kept seeing those “Day 98 without sex: I slammed on breaks so my seatbelt could choke me” memes going around the internet. And I hate to say it but its true, I’m so glad to know I am not the only one experiencing a drought. So also a week ago when I quit smoking I also deleted all the gay apps. So its been a difficult week, I have asked myself everyday why I pay Verizon a fortune every month when I don’t use my phone now. But then it happened, after having 2 dates with a guy who I’m very much interested in that happens to be 26 it happened. I felt like a new man afterwords.

Now, who does not love a good cup of tea? And I’m not talking about the one you drink either. So I really did not want to talk about this, but I was unfortunately roofied for the first time about 4 weeks ago. On June 22 I joined some coworkers for a cocktail, after 1 vodka sprite and a shot of patron I started to feel extremely drunk. If you know me I can have about 6 strong cocktails and be fine. I don’t ever get super intoxicated in public due to I think if your going to drink you should be able to hold your liquor. It’s common courtesy. After starting to feel this way, I requested an Uber, was not even able to make it back inside to close my tab due to the fact my body was starting to shut down, almost did not make it to my car but thankfully a friend was helping me, got home spent at least 5 minutes trying to figure out how to get in my front door, got inside alone because my roommate was in Europe, made it up the stairs, and half way into the bathroom, as I laid on the floor I started convulsing, and getting sick and blacked out. Woke up the next morning in my bed with all my clothes on, a broken Apple Watch face and confused.

Since then I have not been back to the establishment, After talking to countless other people and they had the same thing happen after being to the same place, Here is my issue,  First off everyone is roofed probably once in there life, its unfortunate but it happens I guess. I did not think it would ever happen to me but it did. To whom ever decided to put something in my drink and others, When you think its cute or whatever reason you did it. Remember, you are putting that persons life in danger, if they drive home, they could hit and kill someone or themselves and guess what, it would come back on the establishment, prime example a peer of mine who I saw out had the same thing happen to him, he was on a date and woke up in his car at a different establishment, having no idea or memory of ever driving there and a text from his date saying “What the fuck man”. This is not okay but karma is a bitch and what goes around comes around. It’s a fact. Since then I have had maybe 3 cocktails in a months time. It’s so sad, I truly do miss my vodka sprite, or should I say Titos with a drop of sprite. I feel like I am 17 again and never had liquor.

Look, these are my options, and experiences, I protect everyones privacy. No Individuals or Establishments were included in this blog. I have every right as an individual to write about what I please. Thats what freedom of speech is all about. And this blog is all about being open and honest without fear. Not trying to put anyone down or badmouth anyone because I am all about Positive Vibes and Positive Energy. I wish everyone could feel the way I do and express themselves. Don’t Every forget. The Truth Will Set You Free.

– Adam

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