So I have wanted to write about the use of drugs in the gay community for a long time. And I was not sure how to start this so I’ll give it a whirl. First and foremost I am not writing about this topic to put anyone down or judge them, I just want to understand it. So here within the past 6 months I have noticed a few things that I don’t quite understand. Why is it in the gay community is the use of drugs so high?

Don’t get me wrong I am not in the straight community enough to know what they use and why they do it but I can speak for my experience in the gay community. So with that being said, my experience with the use of drugs has always been very limited, not because I am against it, mainly its because I have enough issues with my body that I don’t need anymore. But I have been offered Molly and Cocaine and Ecstasy, and I have watched people who do it and they seem to have a ton of fun while under the influence of it.

So with the offer always standing I don’t try for another reason, one of the largest I work for an airline and we are drug tested for everything. In which we should. But there is this new drug (which is old but new to me) if its any constellation, growing up I did not know the difference between weed and marijuana, if that explains anything. But this “new” drug that keeps coming up is called “G” and from what I understand its the same thing as the date rape drug minus the alcohol. And from my research its “GHB”.

And from what I have been told its gives you a high but you CAN NOT drink with it. But from what I see in the news “G” is one of the easiest drugs to over dose on. It’s honestly kind of funny how I found out about it. Someone who I use to have relations with and is in the medical field, him and his “poesy” were all out one night and I asked what they were on because it was definitely not alcohol, they were all drinking red bull and water and what not, so I knew it was some kind of drug.

So being the bold person I am, I asked. He said it was “G”. Since that night I have noticed and wondered,  “Okay whats all these guys on?” The ones that are not drinking its obvious at that point. And who knows I might be completely wrong.

But with that all being said I have asked people I know who experiment with drugs why? Some say its because it makes them feel better as a person, others say its only a recreational thing they do. Some use it purely for sex and to take that to a whole new level. Which in all honesty I really can’t judge anyone for any of there own personal reasons they use it. It’s their life, their body, and their decision.

I just want to understand why because I can’t experience any of them. For the ones that say they use drugs to make them feel better, why not just be you and let us see the “real” you and let us love that instead of this mask or wall you put up to not allow us to see it? For those that use it for recreational use, that’s great. And for those who use it to make your sex so much better, what is it actually doing? Does it make you be able to go at it for hours? Does it make you have multiple orgasms that are mind blowing? And lets face it, every single gay man wants to be able to fuck like a porn star.

I just want to understand it, I know its hard to understand something without trying it first but when your not in a position to be able to try, you need ways to understand it. Personally I have noticed in the community that if your willing to take part in the use of drugs people tend to like you more. Because as far as I have read the use of Drugs and Alcohol in the gay community as always been alive and well, but its like within the past 6 months to a year its been way more noticeable. Maybe I have just started to be more social instead of being on my phone while at a bar or an event. Maybe I have just started paying more attention to whats going on.

But I want to make it clear, I am not judging anyone, I don’t think any less of you if you partake in the use of drugs and this is coming from someone who at one point in my life had an issue with Hydrocodone, I took it to make me feel better about myself, because at one point Charlotte made me feel so much less than everyone else here. I did not have the money of others, I had a fucked up childhood, I was not having the sex like everyone was and I did not have the job like everyone else and I did not have my “Click” I was apart of because I consider myself an equal opportunist, I want to be friends with everyone. I don’t want to limit the people who I can hang out with or have a good time with. So I took a drug everyday to make me feel better. The moment I realized I had to do something about it was when I was loosing my job and loosing control of my life. I left Charlotte and moved to the beach to work on myself. I had to find what made me happy again.

Now that I am “Sober” from the use of drugs I have realized I don’t need to make the same money and its okay that I had a rough childhood and have the same sex and have a ton of friends to love myself and feel good about Adam. It has taken along time for me to realize these things. Everyday I have the constant reminder of the past, things that hurt me and that effected me, but I deal with them every morning before getting out of bed. I do it by telling myself its going to be a great day and a new start and that I have came a long way. So that’s my story. No Judgment, I get it.

So what are your thoughts, comment below or email me.

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